Featured Entrepreneur - Double A's Lemonade (2018)

Aaliyah and Amiyah of Double A's Lemonade won the Lemonade Day Alaska 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year award for their creative branding, investor partnerships, and courage to try new recipes and ideas to grow their business while still achieving their goals. Read their story here! Congratulations Aaliyah and Amiyah!

"This is our second year participating in Lemonade Day Alaska and we have really enjoyed it! It has been so fun and rewarding. Building our stand with our grandpa and decorating with our mom has been really great! 

This year we wanted to save our money to help us get to Legoland in Texas and we wanted to donate to two people who have experienced a hard time due to violent attacks that happened to them.

We also made sure to give our tithes (10%) to our local church Praise Temple. We held our Lemonade Stand at Fred Meyer, the managers were really nice to us and came out to check on us and made sure we had everything we needed! 

Our mom advertised for us on social media and we think that got us a lot of business! Our grandparents also told their coworkers about our stand and we told our church family. Because of our kind family and friends, we didn't have to pay back our investors (mom and nana) because they donated all of the supplies we needed so that left us with more profit! 

This year we tried something new and put some of our lemonade in pouches (like Capri-sun Pouches) and froze them so they could be like slushies when they thawed out and that was a HIT! Everyone thought that was so cool and neat so we will definitely do that again! We also made little sugar cookie fruit tarts that were tasty but they required more supplies which meant we had to spend more money, so maybe next time we won't do those or we'll try and find a sponsor to donate the things we need to make those. Maybe we'll just stick to Rice Krispie treats because those are always easy and cheap to make and of course tasty!! 

We are saving our money to buy our tickets to Legoland! We already have savings accounts so our mom and nana are keeping our money in the bank to help us save! 

Thank you Lemonade Day Alaska for hosting this event and for letting us participate!"

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