Featured Entrepreneur - Lemon Paws Lemonade (2019)

Nicole and Olivia Robb of Lemon Paws Lemonade won the Lemonade Day Alaska 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year award for their refreshing lemonade recipes, advertising methods, giving nature, and what they took away from their 2019 decisions and activities. Congratulations, Nicole and Olivia!

Our charity of choice has always been the Anchorage Animal Control Center. Our dad is allergic to dogs and cats, but he is an animal lover like us. Since we were little, we would visit the shelter, hoping to find a match and dream of owning a pet. It's hard to see all of those animals in cages, some of them timid, some trying to win our affections, all of them wanting a home. So, any time we decide to make money, be it lemonade stand, or winter bazaar, we always try to raise money for the animals, too.

This year, with social media, we were very successful selling lemonade, cookies and milk bones, even though we set up in our driveway instead of with a main business.

“We wanted to earn a little spending money, and to help the animals at the shelter.”

Olivia and Nicole

Our lemonade is fresh-squeezed and made from real lemon juice. It is tangy/sweet and really tasty! We had our stand in our driveway because it was really smoky. It was easier to store the ice, and ingredients in the house. Our mom advertised on Facebook and this really helped get us customers. People were very generous because we were collecting for the shelter.

If we do it again, we will be sure to make the cookies a little smaller. We had to call them "earthquake cookies" because they cracked on the cookie sheet. We might look for a different location, too.

We might try selling milk bones at a craft bazaar, next!

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