Lexie's Lemonade

I am beyond thankful and happy to announce I met and exceeded all the goals I set for myself including my (SPEND, SAVE, SHARE) goals!

In her own words, here is entrepreneur Lexie's take on Lemonade Day Alaska 2021: 

Lemonade Day 2021, that’s a wrap!

Thank you to everyone who helped make my dreams come true! My auntie and uncle for all their help prepping and creating my business this last month. My nana and poppi for their support and help building my stand. Tiffani and Shelby Holly at Holly Design Co for mentoring me along the way and giving me the opportunity to be a part of their two-day Shops Around the Corner Market on June 25th and 26th and help build my confidence not only in myself but as a business owner. For Lemonade Day Alaska and the Soldotna Chamber of Commerce for making this all possible and for cheering me on every step of the way. And of course, last and not least all of my amazing customers and fellow market vendors for supporting my business the last couple of days through encouragement, purchases, and donations.

Lexie and Her Stand

I am beyond thankful and happy to announce I met and exceeded all the goals I set for myself including my (SPEND, SAVE, SHARE) goals!

I can’t wait to buy my new scooter, open my college savings account, and drop off the donation to Kenai Peninsula Animal Lovers rescue this coming week!

1. I did lemonade day to help learn about what it takes to start and run your own business, raise money for my future and to help build confidence in myself.

2. I had an in-person stand at my mentors Holly Design Co, two-day Shops Around the Corner Market. The whole market had a colorful vintage theme and my classic black, white and yellow lemonade stand fit right in.

My slogan was “Squeeze the Day” a little lemon pun.

Lexie's Marketing

I was able to advertise my business for free with the use of social media. My aunt helped me create and run a successful Instagram and Facebook page. I was able to promote my business and keep everyone up to date on my lemonade day progress. I even participated in a few giveaways my mentors had by donating classic jars of lemonade to the gift basket and people had to follow and share my pages to be entered into the giveaways.

My social media following doubled after the giveaway and most everyone who came by my stand this weekend mentioned seeing me on social media and giving positive feedback. I posted lemon jokes, lemon inspirational quotes, funny videos, and progress pictures throughout the week in the month leading up to Lemonade Day. My social media pages also made it easy for other businesses and even Lemonade Day Alaska to share my business as well!

3. I think I did very well at advertising my business and running my stand. The one thing I would do differently next year is making more of my lemon cake cookies, they were very popular and I got a lot of positive feedback on them but the 108 I made sold out quickly.

4. My self-confidence was probably my biggest obstacle to overcome. I am normally a very shy person especially when meeting new people but this whole experience helped me grow my confidence in ways I didn’t know so could. I surprised myself at how brave I was and the confidence I gained and will be able to take with me in the future.

5. My next step? I already have requests from a couple of other vendors at the market where my stand was located, that have invited me to do a pop-up lemonade stand at their business later this summer and also a collaboration with a local cookie business! So stay tuned!!!

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