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On Saturday, June 29, 2019, Lemonade Day Alaska celebrated thousands of young entrepreneurs as they participate in a step-by-step program designed to help them plan, launch, and grow their own lemonade stand business. 

As part of a national initiative and program of the Alaska Small Business Development Center, the Lemonade Day Alaska program teaches children how to start, launch, and run their own business for a day. As entrepreneurs prepare to launch their small business, they learn how to set and meet their goals, develop business plans, establish budgets, and showcase marketing and branding skills they will use later in life, and then a little more. Lemonade Day Alaska provides hands-on opportunities for children to be a part of their community, provide customer service, explore their creativity, and find ways to give back. It also shows young Alaskans how they can create future jobs and turn their ideas into reality by providing hands-on business experience.

Lemonade Day Alaska is made possible because of the support and stewardship from organizations across the state and funding will be utilized to provide operational and programmatic support in 2019. Please join us, as we work together to spark the spirit of entrepreneurship in Alaska!


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