Help Us Empower Today’s Kids to Become Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs!

The Problem

America was built on the back of small business. Entrepreneurs take risks believing they can realize their dream if they work hard, take responsibility and act as good stewards of their resources.

How we solve it

Together with partners like yourself, Lemonade Day is empowering the next generation with the life skills, mentor-ship, and real-world experience needed to achieve their own American Dream, one lemonade stand at a time. Partner with Lemonade Day today and sponsor a child, a classroom, or even a school or youth organization. Help us empower today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.


On Saturday, June 29, 2019, Lemonade Day Alaska will celebrate thousands of young entrepreneurs as they participate in a step-by-step program designed to teach them how to conceptualize and launch their own small business - a lemonade stand!

As part of a national initiative and program of the Alaska Small Business Development Center, the Lemonade Day Alaska program teaches children how to start, launch, and run their own business for a day. As entrepreneurs prepare to launch their small business, they learn how to set and meet their goals, develop business plans, establish budgets, and showcase marketing and branding skills they will use later in life, and then a little more. Lemonade Day Alaska provides hands-on opportunities for children to be a part of their community, provide customer service, explore their creativity, and find ways to give back.

More than 40 million new jobs were created by small businesses over the past 15 years. That’s two out of every three jobs that were created by start-up companies.

Did you know?
81% of dropouts report they would have stayed in school if it were relevant to their lives.
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