Meet Colton

Mr. Colton Schroeder was a fifth grader at Boerne’s Fabra Elementary School. For Boerne’s Lemonade Day in 2016, Mr. Schroeder went above and very much beyond the level of “participant” and marched well into the category of “Entrepreneur of the Year.”With a keen interest in entrepreneurism, Mr. Schroeder also participated in ALL Boerne Lemonade Day had to offer.  He came to each and every entrepreneurial mentoring session the organization hosted. These sessions helped increase his knowledge from last year’s participation in Boerne’s Lemonade Day.  Mr. Schroeder was able to increase the operations of his budding business, Squeeze Me. Prior participation in Lemonade Day, with concurrent participation in the mentoring sessions, enabled Mr. Schroeder to take his business up a notch.

In January, he started his Facebook page. This enabled his avid lemonade followers to start anticipating his concoctions.  He obtained a business partner who matched a dollar for every dollar spent by individuals willing to “walk a course” set up by Mr. Schroeder and his business partner. Mr. Schroeder also obtained a sponsor who purchased all of his initial supplies for his stand. Deciding that owning your own business is not all about profit but also about giving back, Mr. Schroeder met with the Boerne Police Department and offered to use a portion of his proceeds to purchase stuffed animals for each squad car.  This would enable officers to provide some comfort to frightened kids.

As the City Director for Boerne Lemonade Day and on behalf of our Board as a whole, we are proud of Mr. Schroeder. His business acumen has grown through the organization.  We are hopeful that he will continue to support Boerne Lemonade Day and eventually mentor other children on how to succeed in their own business. We are proud to recommend Colton Schroeder as Lemonade Day Entrepreneur of the year!

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