Featured Entrepreneur - Brooke's Lemon-Aid Stand

Meet our 2018 Entrepreneur of the year: Brooke!

Brooke has been participating in Lemonade Day for several years.


What made you want to participate in Lemonade Day?

I wanted to help people who have ALS and their families. I donated all my proceeds last year to ALS Association - Texas Chapter.

This year I donated all proceeds to A Love Story Foundation - which is an ALS support foundation. My Uncle and his wife started this foundation. My Uncle passed away this year from ALS.


What did you do to raise money? Anything out of the ordinary?

I had my stand at Lowe's and raised $693.54.

I also sold virtual lemonade on the A Love Story Foundation website. I raised $420.00 online. The link was shared on Facebook and Instagram.

I raised a total of $1,113.54.


What's your plan for Lemonade Day 2019?

I would like to add more items to my menu next year to continue raising money for ALS.


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