Featured Entrepreneur - A-Cubed Lemonade Stop

Our Lemonade Day stand was a great success! It was our first time participating and although it was a lot of work, we enjoyed it. The stand owners were my siblings and I, Ariel, Aaron, and Amaya. We chose the name A -Cubed Lemonade Stop because each of our names begin with "A". Our Mom was our investor and she helped us find the Petsmart location on University Drive after calling around several other places in College Station. Our theme was "Three times the flavor, three times the fun." We had three lemonade flavors to go with our theme: strawberry, Hawaiian punch, and regular lemonade. We advertised by putting our stand on the Lemonade Day map, tweeting, and making a Facebook event. We also took pictures during the day and put them on Facebook. We did well with decorating our stand and we received several compliments on our stand. However, we bought too much lemonade and water. We plan to have lemonade day stands in our neighborhood over the summer and can't wait until Lemonade Day 2017.


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