Bryan/College Station Events

Lemonade Day BCS x The Local Mentor Series - Week 5

The Local At Lakewalk , 4/13/21
4:00 PM

We are thrilled to bring our community this FREE outdoor mentoring series for kids & teens of all ages!

Each Tuesday leading up to Lemonade Day (May 1!), we’ll cover topics to help your child build their business plans.


You can register in person & grab your materials at any of the sessions.


Small business owners will lead the mentorship series every week and help kids work through their workbook/business plan. They'll be on hand to answer questions and give their take on the lesson.


For those kids or teens not interested in selling Lemonade, this is the perfect opportunity to ask more direct questions related to your business idea!


Mentors will be available from 4:30-6 PM to go over certain topics.


We will use the time around that (4:00-4:30 PM and 6-7 PM) to do activities involving The Local vendors when they are not busy. 


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Lemonade Day BCS Best Tasting Lemonade Contest

The Local At Lakewalk , 4/20/21
6:00 PM

You get to test out your recipe on our celebrity judges!

Your kiddos will also be able to sign up to Pitch Your Twist (what makes their business unique).

Attend the mentoring sessions for a step-by-step walkthrough on completing the material required to participate!


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Lemonade Day BCS x The Local Mentor Series - Week 7

The Local At Lakewalk , 4/27/21
4:00 PM

The final week. Time to put the final touches on your business!


If your young entrepreneur wants to give his business a trial run, have them sign on up. Too much to carry? Use the opportunity to advertise for the big day.


We'll be at The Local at Lakewalk, located in Bryan by the Stella Hotel. Hope to see you there.



Lemonade Day BCS 2021 - Cheers to 10 Years (2.0)

Bryan/College Station , 5/1/21
11:00 AM

It's Lemonade Day in Bryan College Station!


Time to set up your business at a great location and see if your product is something people want and need. You'll know the answer by the end of the day. Good luck to you.


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