Bryan/College Station Events

Best Tasting Contest

Grand Station Entertainment , 4/27/18
2:30 PM

Do you have the best lemonade in town? It's time to put your recipe to the test!

Sign ups for the Best Tasting lemonade competition are now OPEN.

We will take 12 2-man stands to compete in this fun competition at Grand Station Entertainment on Saturday, April 27. We'll have celebrity judges and tons of fun!

Click HERE to get more information and to register.

Lemonade Day Bryan/College Station

All over Bryan/College Station , 5/4/19
10:00 AM

Join us for Lemonade Day 2019! We look forward to seeing you and your stand on Lemonade Day!

Young entrepreneurs all over Bryan/College Station will be opening their lemonade stand businesses. If you are not running a stand or mentoring a youth participant, be sure to buy a glass of lemonade!


Where can I set up a stand?

Stands can be set up virtually anywhere across town. Entrepreneurs can utilize parks, neighborhood clubhouses, front yards, even local businesses - just make sure you call and ask beforehand! 


How can I tell people where to find my stand?

After you've picked your perfect place, you'll be able to plot it on our interactive stand map! It will go live as we get closer to Lemonade Day 2019!

If you have any questions or need help for Lemonade Day 2019, email