Meet Meadow!

7- year-old Meadow was the powerhouse business women behind  The Drink Ladies.  Her stand was painted pink from top to bottom with employees dressed like characters from the movie Grease- the Pink Ladies(Meadow’s favorite movie!)

Not only was it her first year participating, but she was the first child to register for our city’s first ever
Lemonade Day. There was no child more gung-ho to be a business owner than she was.  She hosted business meetings with her mom at a local coffee shop and discussed everything from how her stand should be decorated to who should would give some of her hard-earned money to.   

Within days she had already secured a stand location outside of a local restaurant and began marketing herself to everyone she knew.   With so much gusto, it was easy for everyone to get behind Meadow’s efforts and her Uncle Drew, a locally renown videographer, made a video that demonstrated how committed she was to following the curriculum- from creating a unique recipe to following the local board of health food safety codes.

On Lemonade Day, Meadow and the Drink Ladies worked long and hard slingin’ their lemonade and made just over $800 for the day, sharing $400 with her charity of choice- the American Heart Association.  Although we had many stands and many, many kids who blew us away with their entrepreneurial skills, Meadow truly owned this project and we couldn’t be more proud to call her ours!

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