Collecting Change

If you are collecting change for the Change Drive, it's important you do it safely! Here are some tips to help you stay safe, and have your change ready to exchange for the Change Drive next week.


How to Collect Change

It’s so important to practice safe interactions while collecting change!

If you are collecting from people outside your household or immediate bubble, you should wash your change! If you do a drive to collect from friends and neighbors, do it safely! Make sure you wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart. If at all possible, make the delivery is contact free. Have them leave the container of change for you.

Anytime you collect change, immediately put it in a soap bath, and wash your hands! Treat change just like any other object. Wash it (and your hands) for at least 20 seconds with warm soapy water. Then, take it out and lay it on a towel to dry. Once the change is clean and dry, it is safe to roll it.


How to Roll Change

Once you collect the change, you will need to roll it. You can pick up change rolls from your bank, or from participating banks. When rolling change, here’s how much you need to complete each roll:                              

Pennies: 50 = $0.50                
Nickels: 40 = $2.00 

Dimes: 50 = $5.00                  
Quarters: 40 = $10.00 


Questions? Or do you want to share what you have learned while collecting change? Check out our Facebook page: Humboldt Lemonade Day, where you can share tips with other participants! 

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