Thank you for a great lemonade day!

Our mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, community volunteers, social advocates and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow ... one lemonade stand at a time!



● Sign up by registering your child(ren) online (

● Pick up your free workbook and mentor guide from the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce. Help your child(ren) go through all four learning modules.

● Important Note! Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department requires a health department permit if your child(ren) is/are making fresh squeezed lemonade or using fresh produce. You must apply at: or call the health department. The last thing we want is for any child’s stand to be closed due to noncompliance!

● Does your child have their plan in place? (budget, inventory, recipes, signs, location, marketing)

● Brand Your Stand – Go to: and fill out the required fields. After your click “submit” your stand will be on the Lemonade Day Map!

● Promote/Advertise Your Stand – Be sure to share on social media and encourage your child(ren) to distribute flyers to encourage family and friends to visit their stand on their special day.

● The day of Lemonade Day, judges will be visiting the stands in Lakewood to determine the “Best of the Zest”: Best Stand and Best Tasting Lemonade.

● After Lemonade Day is completed, please go to: and fill out the required fields.

● Children who have filled out the business results will be put into a random drawing to win cool prizes!

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Lemonade Day Lakewood is working to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs!

Kids from South Tacoma, DuPont, University Place, Parkland and Spanaway will also be able to sign up to participate this year.

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Lemonade Day is sweeping Lakewood ! Check out all ready for 2023! Brand Your Stand to get yours on the map.

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