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Follow the steps below to get registered for Lemonade Day and begin participating!

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  2. Use Lemonopolis to Prep for Lemonade Day

  3. Get your start-up capital for your lemonade business

  4. Set up your lemonade stand on Lemonade Day!

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Where will you be on Lemonade Day!

How to find a stand location

Tell us where you will be on Lemonade Day - Put your stand on the map!

Kids can set up lemonade stands on Lemonade Day at home in their neighborhoods. There are also some “first come, first served” opportunities for stand locations, which we will list on this page in the coming weeks.

In addition to these special opportunities, kids can ask permission to set up elsewhere if they have a high-traffic location in mind. But they MUST ask permission from the business owner or manager to set up there.

Also, we secure a permit with the City of Indianapolis that enables kids to set up around the city (on the Circle, etc.). The only condition is that you cannot block pedestrian traffic on the sidewalks and if you set up your stand in front of a store or shop, you should ask the store owner/manager’s permission (that is, if they are NOT on our list of locations below).

Current Stand Location Opportunities:

  • To set up at a Kroger: Contact the store manager to secure a spot. • All spot reservations must be made in advance and approved before Lemonade Day, May 20th. • Visit for locations and contact info for a store nearest you! (Check the EventBrite page for your store location first, if it is not listed, let us know and we will get your location added and reserved)

  • To set up at an Indy Park: Contact the park you would like to set up at to secure a spot. • You can also call the Indy Park Customer Service hotline if you can’t reach the park at 317-327-PARK (7275) • Stands must be placed in a safe location that does not impede driving, parking, walking, or other park activities. • A list of Indy Parks can be found here.

  • Sign up HERE for other opportunities!  *We’ll be adding a few more opportunities in the coming days, so check back!

Participate in our Contests!

Check out our list of contests. Keep checking for updates!

Every year, we hold several fun contests leading up to Lemonade Day. These contests are meant to supplement what kids are learning in their Lemonade Day Experience and give these young “kidpreneurs” the opportunity to show off what they’ve learned!

Best Lemonade Stand Contest - (Virtual Event)

This year we’ll be taking to the virtual streets of social media to see which stand STANDS out above the rest! To enter, all you have to do is post a photo of your stand to social media (either on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram or all of them!) and use the hashtag #LDIndyBestStand. You have until 8:00 PM ET Monday, May 22rd to share on social media to be eligible. Winners will be announced on social media by 5:00 PM ET on Wednesday, May 24th.

Best Lemonade Contest (Live Event)

We will be putting our taste buds to the test to determine the best lemonade out there during our Wrap-Up Event following Lemonade Day. During our Wrap-Up Event, you will be invited to bring a pitcher of your lemonade to see how your lemony goodness stacks up against the competition. The Wrap-Up Event will be scheduled for late June. Stay tuned for the date (but save that recipe…you’re going to need it!)! Check our Events page often for details.

Giving Story Contest Sponsored by Kroger (Not a "live" event)

An important lesson you’ll learn by participating in Lemonade Day is to “spend, save and SHARE” your Lemonade Day profits. Sharing is important. Many entrepreneurs – including Scott Jones, Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey – are also philanthropists. After Lemonade Day, we want YOU to share your giving story with us!

Email us and tell us if you gave any of your profits to charity, how much and to whom and why you chose the charity. Please share as many details as possible. If you hand-delivered your donation, please share photos and or video. You can email your entry to Kendrea Williams at

The winner and two runners-up will win GREAT prizes donated by Kroger (including Kroger gift cards)! Don’t forget to “share some” of your Lemonade Day profits!

Best Business Contest (Not a "live" event)

After Lemonade Day, you’ll need to complete the “Business Results Form” — we’ll send you the link. It’s very important that you submit the form. We use this data to tell everyone how our budding entrepreneurs did on Lemonade Day!

We also use this Business Results Form to judge our Best Business Contest winner! Don’t forget to submit your form: the winner and finalists receive GREAT prizes!

Don’t forget to think about accounting for your lemonade business — keep track of how many cups you’re selling and how much money you made so you can share that with us when you send in your Business Results Forms!

Get Start-up Capital for Classrooms and Groups

Lemonade Day Seed Fund

On behalf of USA Funds, we’ve started a Lemonade Day Seed Fund for classrooms and groups of Youth Serving organizations.  This means, mentors, teachers and facilitators of Lemonade Day groups, can get some “start-up capital”, for their group’s Lemonade Stand.

But first, they must tell us their plan for their stand! Once they’ve formed their plans, they’ll need to make a short video. You can even use a camera phone, no fancy camera needed!  The video should be no longer than 2 minutes.

The videos MUST be sent to us by: May 5th.                                                                                               

1. In your video, be sure to tell us the following (and feel free to get creative!):

  • Name of School or Organization and why is your group participating in Lemonade Day?

  • What makes your lemonade stand special? (e.g. do you have a special theme, name, recipe etc.)?

  • How much money does your need to start their lemonade stand, and what will they spend it on?

  • What will you do with the money you get from your lemonade stand? (hint, hint: “spend, save, share”)

2.  Please upload your video here  (*you will be asked to create an account. This is just for your privacy.)

3.  Each classroom or group submission will receive some start-up capital to start their lemonade businesses (*amount will range from $25 per group, depending on the number of videos received.  So for example, if your class has three lemonade stand groups, you are eligible for $75.00 in start-up capital)

**Note: please submit one video per lemonade stand (not a video for each kid at the same lemonade stand).


Lemonade Day Greater Indianapolis in Partnership with Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen Central Indiana and Lemonade Day Greater Indianapolis are partnering to launch an exciting new campaign: the “Pink Lemonade Brigade”! On Lemonade Day — which is Saturday, May 20th — we envision kids selling pink lemonade all over Greater Indianapolis area to raise money for the breast cancer cause.

Susan G. Komen Central Indiana is battling breast cancer on all fronts. Beginning close to home, they use donated dollars to directly benefit women, men and families who are dealing with the costly challenge of breast cancer in our community. But they also empower local dollars to serve beyond our community as they fund a significant portion of the best breast cancer research around the world.

Kids who are registered for Lemonade Day Indy and have a passion for the Susan G. Komen cause are invited to participate in the #PinkLemonadeBrigade Campaign to raise money for breast cancer research and treatment! On Lemonade Day, be sure to snap a photo of your child at his/her lemonade stand, selling pink lemonade and post to your social media pages! We’ll be looking for the #PinkLemonadeBrigade hashtag!

Are you a Scout?

Get a Lemonade Day patch!

Girl Scouts who participate in Lemonade Day AND submit their business results forms (post-Lemonade Day) will be eligible for a FREE Lemonade Day patch!

In order to be eligible for the patch, girls must have participated in Lemonade Day on May 20th and MUST submit their business results forms. Here’s the link: Business Results Form. Once we’ve received the forms, the Girl Scouts will be mailing out the patches in July.

2017 Youth Entrepreneur of the Year

Want more money to put towards college savings?

Want to WIN $500 (or even $1000!) to put towards those savings?

Check this out!We are teaming up with CollegeChoice 529 to offer a $500 account contribution to the Lemonade Day Greater Indy Youth Entrepreneur of the Year!  Our Greater Indy winner will then be considered among winners in other Lemonade Day cities in Indiana for a Statewide Youth Entrepreneur of the Year title! The statewide winner will be awarded an additional $1,000 account contribution to be given at a press event in June (date TBD).

In order to be eligible for consideration, please complete this form AFTER Lemonade Day!

For more information; please visit the CollegeChoice 529 Direct Savings Plan. For as little as $10 you can start saving for your future entrepreneur’s dreams.

Happy savings!

College Choice

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