Coburn Place-Back to School Shoes and More...

Coburn Place's 2017 Lemonade Day experience

In 2012, the Coburn kiddos held their first Lemonade Stand.  They wanted to earn money to buy back-to-school shoes. That year they raised a raised a surprising $421. After a couple of lean years, they rebounded and in 2014 they raised a total of $719 and since then they have not looked back.  Each year since 2014 their sales have skyrocketed and this year they raised a whole lot more with their #FillUpTheCup campaign.

Lead by their group of young professionals, Coburn place hosted Lemonade stands at multiple locations around Indy such as the Charles Schwab office located on the north side and Christ Church Cathedral on the Circle downtown.  Additionally, they hosted a virtual Lemonade stand and sold Lemonade tickets online.   Their hard work paid off!  This year Coburn Place raised a total of $10,156 with their Lemonade stands.  The money raised will be used to purchase the kids at Coburn Place new supplies, gear and self-confidence they need to succeed during the new school year.  Great job Coburn Place!

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