Featured Entrepreneur - Meet C.J.

As many parents know, kids will surprise you. At Lemonade Day, we see this every year. Kids become excited about their stands and achieve some amazing results. With so many stories of success from Lemonade Days across the U.S., it’s always difficult to decide on just one National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. And this year was no different.

Meet C.J Harris, he was voted the Indianapolis Entrepreneur of the Year for 2016!

CJ is 9 years old and is in the fourth grade.   He runs track, plays football, and wrestles.   Everyone that knows CJ would attest to his great love for Legos, his passion for Christ, and his love for his family and friends.   He is quite the comedian and he enjoys making others laugh.    

 Name of CJ’s Lemonade and Stand: D&C Lemonade and he served Lego-Tastic Lemonade in standard lemonade, blue-berry, and strawberry flavors.

Profits generated by CJ: $1000

How he Shared some: CJ donated some of his profits to his church, New Direction Christian Church, to assist with the food pantry in feeding those that are less fortunate or homeless.  He also donated some of his proceeds to his school, St. Michael St. Gabriel School, to assist with athletic programs.

How he Saved some:  CJ saved some of his money by contributing to his college fund 529 plan.

CJ’s 2017 Stand Information:  For 2017, CJ redefined his business portfolio and his stand will be named, “Rock-Star Lemonade”. He will be serving electric lemonade in various flavors.   His stand will be located at the Kroger Store at 2550 Arbor Circle Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46268

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