Lemonade Day at Noble East Summer Camp

Success Stories about kids who participated in Lemonade Day 2017

Noble Kids Summer Camp Lemonade Day

Participants in the Noble East Summer camp program used Lemonade Day to learn financial literacy and concepts. Working in conjunction with Tru Direction, a non profit dedicated to improving financial literacy for people at any life stage. As a group, the students learned about the importance of budgeting, planning and site selection. They then hosted their own stand at their camp facility during a public event. 

Tru Direction, Inc. became a significant financial Lemonade Day sponsor this year. And also had the pleasure of leading a Lemonade Day program at Noble ... Dream It. Live It. summer camp to encourage entrepreneurship. The program was a tremendous learning experience for the campers who collectively participated -- from beginning to end ... planning and implementing the program to counting the funds they earned through sales and tips. 

The creative name the students called their "day" was "Nectar from Noble ... thirst quenching lemonade."A fitting title and tag line for the delicious lemonade they sold on a beautiful warm summer day.

The program concluded with the funds being divided into thirds. A share for charity, a share for each to spend on themselves (or save) and a share to drop into their newly painted train banks. Congratulations kids!


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