Meet Lauren!

Lauren was completely overwhelmed with her success after Lemonade Day and was almost in tears realizing how much money she had made. After reimbursing me for the expenses of the booth, Lauren netted a total of $720 on Lemonade Day.

She donated $125 of her profits, along with the additional $101 from the tip jar, to the Southside Animal Shelter. This came to a total donation of $226 to the shelter!  Lauren visited the animal shelter after Lemonade Day to present her donation. The gal at the shelter was tickled to get it and indicated that they would be buying new bedding for the animals with the funds. She gave Lauren a chance to visit with some of the dogs and cats that she will be helping with her donation.

Lauren offered her Dad and I $100 each for our “employment” for the day, which we declined, but I was proud of her for making the offer. She has saved $100 for her own supplies for next year (she is already planning to participate again) and is starting a bank account with half of the remaining funds to save for a trip to Walt Disney World in the fall or next spring.

She decided that she wanted to buy something that would be “an investment”--not just waste it on something that would be used up and gone very quickly.  She told us that the only thing that she really wanted was a new bicycle, so her Dad and I drove her to Walmart and she purchased her own bicycle--a teal green one for $159.  She decided she wanted me to hang on to the rest of her profit until she thought more about what she wanted to invest it in. I really wish I would have gotten a picture of her face as she wheeled her new bike out to the car. The empowerment and pride on her face was worth everything!  Lauren has faced some challenges at school because of her weight and has been compared unfavorably to her sister because her sister is very athletic. Having Lauren find that she is very good at something like this, gave her a huge confidence boost!

I cannot even begin to thank the Lemonade Day organization and everyone involved for this opportunity so Lauren could experience the success she had, the exciting environment at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and
the chance for her to gain even more confidence by being interviewed by the media.  I thought she did a great job
and wasn’t too nervous. She had a great time meeting all of the wonderful people at the racetrack, who continually praised her for the booth, how cute she was, and were so wonderful while she was making change, etc.  I couldn’t ask for anything more! - Lauren's Mom

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