The Ladybug Club

Since 2005, the Labybug Club has worked with girls ages 6 to 16 in the Jackson metro area. Focusing on the principles of “Family First, Community Engagement, Educational Achievement, and Self-Empowerment,” we are proud to celebrate 10 years of serving girls and mothers.

The Ladybug Club has participated in Lemonade Day for the past two years. In 2014, we had 7 girls participating under the theme Luau Lemonade. Decorated as a tiki hut and dressed in grass skirts, the girls earned $120 for themselves and raised $125 for The Hatch, a non-profit promoting entrepreneurship in Jackson.

By 2015, the Ladybug Club had expanded to 11 participants and 2 lemonade stands. The girls raised nearly $300 to help enhance educational opportunities at 3 area colleges and earned almost $220 for their work.

“I liked being able to meet new people and encourage them to buy lemonade from us because some of the money goes back to others,” said Lemonade Day participant Kenedy Guidry.“One thing I would like to do is make a lot more profit to donate to more colleges.”

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