2018 Entrepreneur of the Year

Greater Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church Youth (GLZ Youth) was selected to receive the Lemonade Day Louisiana 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year award! GLZ has participated in Lemonade Day Louisiana for the past seven years and has raised up to $600 for their youth ministry and other local charities each year. 

"The youth of our church get so excited for spring because it signals Lemonade Day season, which is big for us," said Richard Bourgeois, Jr., Youth Director of GLZ Youth. "This is our holiday, our time to shine, and our moment to show everyone what we learn. We get better every year, learning what we can improve on from the previous year. It's beautiful to see the youth work so hard and then get rewarded."

The youth group credits their success to keeping it simple on Lemonade Day. They sell two flavors of lemonade, and have a small menu, which includes hot dogs and hamburgers. They have become known for their $5 combos of snacks and lemonade. They keep their lemonade recipe, but it is always garnished with an orange slice. Additionally, GLZ Youth always have a fun lemonade stand theme. This year they will celebrate their success and their seventh year of participation by naming their stand "Lucky #7".


To find out more about GLZ Youth be sure to check out their Facebook Page!

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