Meet Kali and Kayley

We participated in Lemonade Day because it sounded like something fun we could do together as a family, where we could make some money to giveback to our community that does so much for us. Our lemonade stand was called Rainbow Lemonade "Where the gold's at both ends".

After the kickoff party we immediately came home and started planning. We were sitting in our living room brainstorming when we noticed a rainbow on our wall from the sun shining through our window. That was the moment Rainbow Lemonade was born. Our ideas started pouring out! We decided to have a different flavored lemonade for every color of the rainbow. We served Strawberry Lemonade(red) Arnold Palmer (Orange) Classic Lemonade (yellow) Lemon Limade (green) Tropical Lemonade (blue) and Grape Lemonade (purple).We had a large cup that we sold for $2 with your choice of a regular straw or fun rainbow colored crazy straws for an additional $.50. We also had amazing rainbow souvenir cups that we sold for $4. Besides lemonade, we served 3 different types of cupcakes: strawberry cup-cakes with homemade lemonade butter creme frosting, lemon cupcakes with a white fluffy icing and a rainbow cupcake with a blue raspberry frosting. We had 3 choices of cookies: strawberry lemonade cookies, strawberry cookies and lemonade cookies. Finally, we had rainbow pinwheels, rainbow swirl lollipops and rainbow shaped lollipops.

We chose Walmart for our location because we knew there would be a lot of people there. Once our location was secured, we started to advertise. Our daddy told everyone at his work. We went around and told all of our neighbors, friends and teachers and asked them to please tell their family and friends. We also created an event on Facebook and invited everyone we knew in McMinnville, again we asked them to share with their family and friends. On Lemonade Day we tried to get more customers by making a sign that we placed out on Hwy¬99. We had music playing at our stand and asked people as they walked by if they would like to buy some delicious fresh squeezed lemonade.Our stand was a major success! We had to close an hour early because we sold out of all of our lemonade and we passed our original goals!Not only did we get to pay our investor with interest, make a nice size donation to the Humane Society, save a little bit for our college funds and buy ourselves some prizes for our efforts, but we got to meet and make friends with many other people in our community. We believe the reasons we were so successful were because: 1) We made an attractive stand that you could see from even far away 2) We had great teamwork 3) We made great tasting products that people were coming back for seconds 4) We made it easy for parents to buy small children drinks without spilling because of our souvenir cups 5) We had a lot of options in drinks and in goodies 6) We made it fun with music and dancing 7) We gave away free products to people who couldn’t afford it 8) We gave away all remaining goodies at the end as a thank you to our community for supporting us.

Although we were successful, not all of our ideas were: 1) We found that people enjoyed our homemade products far better than our store bought lollipops; 2) We didn't think about the sun. Our cupcakes started to melt so we had to buy a pop up cover (unexpected expense);3) There were many customers that still wanted our products but since we sold out we had to close early so next year we will make sure to have more product and; 4) Some feedback we received was to have adult cups with lids as well. We will definitely plan for that next year.In the beginning we thought that we should have labeled our flavors better, but quickly realized that we liked that we didn't. It was a great ice breaker and conversation starter to our customers. We were kind of shy at first but with all the practice we got we sounded like true professionals at the end! Now that we are entrepreneurs we would like to continue, not only in next year’s Lemonade Day McMinnville, but all year long. Some ideas we have thought of are to sell lemonade in front of our house on the weekends to add to our college funds. We would like to talk to Parks and Rec about selling lemonade at softball games and donating our profits to them. We would also like to talk to our school about selling lemonade at school functions and donating to the PTA.

Thank you McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce for opening our eyes to a whole new world with this event. We never thought owning our own lemonade stand would be so much fun and so hard! We had our stand open for 7 hours and we have learned to appreciate our parents more who work a lot more hours than that every day. Thank you! 

- Kali and Kayley McGrauth, Rainbow Lemonade

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