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Lemonade Day Medford & Jackson County is working to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs!

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We're thankful for the overwhelming support in the Medford & Jackson County community.
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Stand locations

All of our lemonade stands will be online this year!

If your kids want to sign up to run their own business and get a lemonade stand, check out our registration page!

After you register your kids for Lemonade Day, kids will then get through the lessons on Lemonopolis, an online skills game that teaches kids how to run their own business and be an entrepreneur.

Once the lessons are completed, kids will then submit their business plans and photos to our website where they will sell "a cup of lemonade" and enter two cool contests to win sweet prizes!

After you submit your business plans to our Lemonade Day Marketplace, tell your friends and family to vote for your kids lemonade stand design, lemonade recipe and also buy "a cup of lemonade!"

Although kids can't actually sell their lemonade this year, they are encouraged to still make and perfect their recipes at home! The more creative the recipe, the more likely someone will purchase a virtual cup of lemonade and vote for them to win the Best Tasting Contest!

The community will also vote on their stand designs which will help our panel of expert judges choose a winner for the Best Tasting Contest and Best Stand Contest.

After Lemonade Day My Way ends on September 20th, kids are HIGHLY encouraged to submit their Business Results here. Kids who submit their Business Results get entered to be the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year where they can win a new bike and other cool prizes!

Remember: Registering for Lemonade Day doesn't automatically enter you into the contests or let you sell lemonade! You MUST submit your business plans with all the information from your Lemonade Day My Way checklist found here!

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