National Recognition Awards

At this year’s annual City Director Conference, we began a new tradition of nationally recognizing some of our young entrepreneurs who went above and beyond with their lemonade stands businesses. For 2015, we gave three National Recognition Awards from the list of nominees we received from city directors all across the country.


Get to know our 2015 winners!


Katrina Lawrence

Fort Hood, Texas

Even though it was Katrina’s first year participating in Lemonade Day, she was able to exemplify the characteristics and skills found in entrepreneurs.  She partnered with Killeen Independent School District’s Homeless Awareness and Response Program (H.A.R.P.) to help bring books to local area homeless children.  She was about to raise enough money for 300 books and plans on continuing her work with H.A.R.P. in the fall to raise money for needed back to school supplies for H.A.R.P.  students.




Jorge & Sebastian Mendoza

Modesto, California

12-year-old Jorge is an aspiring musician who worked hard to raise the money to send himself to band camp and buy a new violin. He is outgoing, well-versed, he even came out from behind his stand to shake the hand of President and CEO of the Modesto Chamber of Commerce, Cecil Russell, “Hello Mr. Russell.” He had met Mr. Russell at the best tasting contest a few weeks prior, it was this confidence that Cecil was so moved he donated from his own pocket to the fund for music camp.  With the help of his brother, Sebastian, they were able to raise $933.00, were able to pay their investor back, donate to the Make a Wish Foundation, accomplish their goals and even have a little bit left over to put away in savings.



Squeezed 4 Time Lemonade Drive Through

Okotoks, Canada

This family of entrepreneurs really know what they are doing.  They set up their stand on the main street in downtown Okotoks, and realizing that some of the drivers might not have time to park to get a cup decided to open up a drive through.  They decided the best way to reach their goal was to diversify their offerings by selling not only lemonade, but homemade pretszel bites as well.  They are already thinking about ways to improve their stand to attract more business in next years Lemonade Day.  We can’t wait to see what innovative ideas they come up with in the future!