Lemonade Day in the Classroom

The 2nd graders from the IPS Butler School Lab participated in Lemonade Day by setting up Lemonade stands on the campus of Butler University.

Lemonade Day in the Classroom

Students from the IPS Butler Lab SchoolThe entire 2nd grade unit of the IPS Butler Lab Schools participated in Lemonade Day on Friday April 14, 2017.  They held their event on the campus of Butler University and it was a SWEET success!  

College mentors from the Butler University Entrepreneurship Club paired up with the kids, to complete the Lemonopolis lessons in order to prepare. Our sponsor's Kroger, provided 48 gallons of Lemonade, and Strada Education provided the group with seed funds to purchase materials for the big day. 

College Mentors from Butler University Entrepreneurship Club
College Mentors from the Butler University Entrepreneurship Club





You could hear the excitement as the kids arrived to the Butler campus ready to set up their stands and sell Lemonade.  All together, there were 14 different Lemonade stands placed around the campus, and the kids worked feverishly to sell as much Lemonade as possible in a two-hour period.  Their hard work paid off.  On that day, they collectively raised $1,500 and decided as a group that the money would be donated to Riley's Children's Hospital.

Butler Lab School Kids Arriving to the Canal
2nd graders arriving to the coloring and check presentation ceremony

After the groups successful day, we decided to invite the 2nd graders to the annual Canal Coloring ceremony to help us kick off the Lemonade selling season as well as let them present their check to the Riley Children's Hospital.  Riley advisory board member Phil was there to receive the donation and to help with coloring of the canal with Think Forward & Eleven Fifty President John Qualls.

Lemonade Day Toasting Butler Lab School

The kids toasted with Lemonade to celebrate their work and then were mesmerized as the canal turned yellow right before their eyes while chanting "color it, color it!!". Kids watching the canal coloring

Not only did the kids receive hands on experience with handling money, providing customer service and marketing their product, they also went the extra mile.  Some upsold their Lemonade with delicious cookies, while others created a jingle which stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  In the end, the 2nd graders of the IPS Butler Lab School hosted a Lemonade Day event which was a memorable experience for everyone involved. 

 Coloring the canal    Coloring the canal    Kids watching

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