Kaitlyn's Tropical Lemonade

I decided to do Lemonade Day because I wanted to learn how to run a business. I really love to bake, and my dream is to start a bakery. 

The location of my lemonade stand was at Shiloh square where they were having the Razorback Greenway Opening.   My stand was incredibly successful and I almost tripled my goal!

I sold 250 cups of Lemonade for $1.00 each, and I received tips of $125.50.  My goal was $120.00, I almost tripled my goal with a total profit of $351.50. I plan on saving $200 so I can start my own baking company and I shared $125 with the Kids Kiwanis Club.

Next year I will plan on selling more lemonade, I sold out this year quickly.

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