Here's your chance to be the boss!

Check out the roles and responsibilities of a Lemonade Day Entrepreneur:

  • Fill out the online registration form with the help of an adult (no registration fees).

  • Pick up a Lemonade Day backpack at your designated location (free, see for details).

  • Ask your parent to join the Okotoks Lemonade Day email list.

  • Ask your parent to “like” Okotoks Lemonade Day on Facebook.

  • Complete the Entrepreneur Workbook with your mentor (included in your Lemonade Day backpack).

  • Choose a location, get permission and tell Okotoks Lemonade Day where you’ll be setting up (at, “Brand your stand”)

  • Build a lemonade stand.

  • Buy supplies for Okotoks Lemonade Day.

  • Enter lemonade recipe at the Best Tasting Competition (optional)

  • Sell lots of lemonade on Lemonade Day!

  • Repay investors.

  • Save a little, spend a little and give a little back to your favorite charity.

  • Enter to win National and Okotoks Lemonade Day awards.

  • Complete the Business Results & Accounting Worksheet from your workbook.

  • Celebrate your success at our Wrap-up Party!

A picture is worth a thousand words! Don’t forget to take lots of picture as you Set a Goal, Make a Plan, and work your plan to Achieve your Dreams.

Send your pictures and a brief description to

Ready to run your own business and have fun at the same time? Open a lemonade stand on Lemonade Day! You’ll learn all the important skills you’ll need to make a profit so you can …

save a little
share a little
spend a little
Business Results