Meet Olivia and Daisy

Olivia and Daisy were thrilled to participate in the 6th annual Lemonade Day Saskatchewan that took place on Sunday, June 5th, 2016. Olivia and Daisy set up “Olivia and Daisy’s Lemonade Stand” during their local Street Fair in Waldheim, Saskatchewan. They were sure to cross their T’s and dot their I’sand asked the Street Fair Committee for permission before setting up their business. They knew their theme of“Lemonade and Summer” would be a big hit on a hot summer day and people loved their slogan: “It may be sweet, it may be sour but it is the drink of the hour!”. In preparation for the big day they advertised with signs,through Facebook, and community event websites. They were pleased to make a total of $62 of which $45 was profit!

They didn’t meet their profit goal this year but are excited to try again next year. This year they saved their profit and Oliva talked to her mom about how she would like to take the information she learned from Lemonade Day and start a dog treat business! The Lemonade Day Saskatchewan Team is very proud of Olivia and Daisy and can’t wait to see their future businesses take off!

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