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Bike Winner

Jaden White from Very Berry Lemonade was the winner of the bike in the National Lemonade Day contest! Congratulations, Jaden!

Best Stand Contest 2018 - Peachy Tiki Lemonade

Best Stand & Best Taste Contest

The 2018 Best Stand AND Best Taste Contest winner of Greater Spokane Valley Lemonade Day was 

Peachy Tiki Lemonade!

This Girl Scout troop went through quite a process in developing their business. This year the girls sampled 8 new flavors and chose pineapple for their new flavor. They named it Pineapple Paradise. From there, they developed a Hawaiian beachy theme, found a tiki hut for their stand and took the theme all the way through from shirts to product--the Peachy Tiki! These girls have taken up hula dancing and learned Hawaiian greetings to use when greeting customers. The girls greeted potential customers with flyers to let them know about Lemonade Day and why they were selling lemonade. They encouraged customers to ask about their goals and what they learned. 

Best Business Contest

The 2018 Best Business Contest winner of Greater Spokane Valley Lemonade Day was

Helping Paws Lemonade!

Izzy Pence is a 3rd grader at Ness Elementary in the West Valley School District with a heart for animals and a knack for business.  She started a club at her school called “Helping Paws” where students met and came up with ways to help animals.  The club helped organize a pet supply drive for SCRAPS at the school, however, Izzy also wanted to have a fundraiser for this organization.   This is how she got involved in Lemonade Day and completed the curriculum on how to become an entrepreneur, thus creating “Helping Paws Lemonade.”  Her sister, Emily, a 6th grader at Centennial Middle School worked the lemonade stand with Izzy greeting customers and serving lemonade all day.  Izzy said together with her sister the business was a major success making a profit of $665 along with a huge car load of pet supplies, all of which was donated to SCRAPS.  Both girls learned that having a business is hard work but also very rewarding.  Someday they would like to own a “Sister’s Bakery” and continue to help the community by donating some of their profits.

Peachy Tiki - Entrepreneur of the Year - Lemonade Day Greater Spokane Valley

Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

Online Contest

The winner of the Greater Spokane Valley Lemonade Day 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year Contest was Peachy Tiki Lemonade! They are now entered in the contest to compete for the National Entrepreneur of the Year award!