Featured Entrepreneur - Myers Family Lemonade

A Family that Pours into their Community, one Cup at a Time!

As many parents know, kids will surprise you! At Lemonade Day, we see this year after year, after year! Kids become excited about their stands and achieve some amazing results. With so many stories of success from Lemonade Day and across the city of Tallahassee to the Big Bend, it’s always difficult to decide on just one Youth Entrepreneur of the Year, and 2019 was no different!

This was the family’s first time participating in Lemonade Day.  The parents thought getting the kids inspired about entrepreneurship would be the perfect combination to help the family goal of giving back to their community.  They Myers have a long history and love of helping other kids, so they thought this would be good practice for their children to understand the responsibility of being future business owners.  From an early age, their dad always stressed the importance of business ownership, so when they become adults, they could be their own BOSS!!  Their mom taught them to be grateful for everything and always give back.  It’s value like this that align perfectly with the national tagline that Lemonade Day is “more than just a day!”

It became a family dual goal for the Myers to participate in Lemonade Day to learn more about how to run a business and to help local community students with school supplies. After partnering with a local beauty salon to serve as their site location, one of the stylists even volunteered her time and talents by sharing a family lemonade recipe using fresh squeezed lemons!  The kids shared stories about spending the whole night creating signs and working on their family slogan. On the Lemonade Day, the sales were slow, but they didn’t give up or get discouraged!  When it started to rain, they held their signs high and advertised even louder!

In the end, Myers family lemonade raised $99.00.  Since all the supplies were donated, they were able to use 100% of the profits to purchase school supplies that were donated to families in need.  As a family, they purchased back packs, notebooks, pens, pencils, and other school supplies for students living in the local Refuge House. The kids were so excited that they are ready to expand on the Lemonade Day principle to share some, to raise even more money to help out other community organizations next year!

The Myers and all of our Lemonade participants learned a very special lesson, --with Lemonade Day you never lose.  You either win or learn (Nelson Mandela)!

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