Lemonade Day D.C. is April 27, 2019!

Our mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow...one lemonade stand at a time!



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Lemonade Day D.C. is working to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs!

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Stand locations

Where do you want to set up your stand?

Directions on how to set up a Lemonade Stand Location

Welcome to the Lemonade Day DC Website and the final step of the Lemonade Day registration process! Now that your student(s) are in the process of learning the curriculum of Lemonade Day, stand registration is the last step that will allow them to make their business dreams a reality! Please follow the following steps below that will help you register your student(s) at one our various stand locations.

1. Along the top horizontal menu are possible site locations. Click where you would like to set up.

2. Once you click, you will see a map. Each pin represents a potential stand area.

3. Once you click the pin, you will see a map of this area. After doing so you will be able to register for this stand location.

4. We ask for your information in order to know the number of youth within that stand area, ensure enough shirts/enough LDDC volunteers are present on April 27th to help the young entrepreneurs sell Lemonade.

5. Once you’ve registered, a Lemonade Day representative will be in contact with you that will work with you to identify your stand’s specific location.

6. Once capacity is reached at at a pin, the form will be closed. However, please contact yip@lemonadedaydc.org for inquiry on additional stand locations that will be in the same vicinity of your desired location.

Only register one form for one stand. We encourage multiple youth at one stand (around 5-7 students at each stand is recommended, 15 youth at one stand is the MAXIMUM). Furthermore, we want to ensure that all students are in the same vicinity. So, for example, if you are registering ten students, fill out two forms for five students at each stand. Do NOT register out a form for each youth participant. **If you would like two stands at a pin, then you need to fill out two pins**

Please be sure to note your stand location after your assignment. Additionally on the day of Lemonade Day, April 27, a GW Mentor will have the information of your stand location!

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that Lemonade Day DC is not in charge of transportation, cash boxes, and tables the day of. This must be provided by your program, the caring adult, or the student.

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