Achieve Your Dreams

“Achieve Your Dreams” is the last section in the workbook, and is probably the most fun and exciting part. You’ve already set your goals and made and worked your plan and now you get finally enjoy the rewards from all of your hard work! Hopefully, you’ve created the vision you’ve imagined and can follow through on your goals-whether it be saving up the money you made, donating it to your favorite charity, or spending it on something you’ve always wanted. However, achieving your dreams is not just about the rewards: it’s also about reflection.

Reflecting back allows us to see what worked well in our plan and what didn’t work well. Once you know what parts of your plan contributed to you achieving your dreams and which parts challenged you, you can learn a lot from the experience and set new, even bigger goals. Reflection also lets you see how far you’ve come: the lessons you’ve learned, the friendships you’ve made, and confidence you’ve gained. You did all the hard work and achieved your goals, so you deserve to be proud!

In the Youth Partnerships committee, we talked about all the dreams we’ve already achieved, and all the new goals we want to set. Being in college and getting the opportunity to study in DC is already a big dream we’ve all achieved-but there’s so much more we want to achieve later on, whether that be tackling a hard class, joining a new club, starting a new job, or helping to register new student entrepreneurs and having a successful Lemonade Day! Once we achieve these dreams, it’s important to be proud of our work. That being said, it is also important to learn from the experience, to try to improve our performance, and to keep on setting new goals.  

We can’t wait for all of the young entrepreneurs we’ve registered for Lemonade Day this year to dream big, work hard to achieve their dreams, and to never stop dreaming once they have. After all, if you can dream it, you can do it!

-Emily Caviglia (VP of Youth Partnerships)

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