Want to be a participant in this year’s lemonade day? It’s time to learn how to get involved! LemonU is a series of workshops designed to introduce participating families in nonmentored schools to the Lemonade Day Program, its objectives, and the Entrepreneur Workbook. This is an opportunity where students have the chance to learn about entrepreneurship and brainstorm how they will build and execute their lemonade stands, while parents have an opportunity to learn about the program and have all their logistical questions answered.

Attend a LemonU near you!

Dates and Times:

March 1st, Lamond-Riggs Library, 7-8pm

March 2nd, Mt. Pleasant Library, 7-8pm

March 8th, Anacostia Neighborhood Library, 7-8pm

Have any questions about LemonU or Lemonade Day in general? Message us on twitter (@lemonadedaydc) or on Facebook (Lemonade Day-DC)!

Remember, Lemonade Day DC is taking place on April 29th, 2017!

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