Make A Plan

As ambitious students, we strive for success in our lives, but that can be difficult to attain without a plan. Some of us my find planning intimidating whereas others may find it exciting. For me, I feel quite overwhelmed especially when planning a big event (Lemonade Day in April, a meeting, or even a surprise birthday party). However, I always reflect upon the beginning: why am I setting this plan in place? It’s because I want to achieve a goal.

Reflecting upon our first blog, we highlighted the importance of believing in ourselves to achieve goals especially those that may seem “impossible” or “wild.” We also find ourselves making goals quite often, which is the first step to accomplishing your own definition of success. Last year when I mentored students from Roots Public Charter School, these young gentlemen were enthusiastic about building their own lemonade stand. They set high goals and expectations for themselves such as making a profit of $500 to purchase an iPhone, save for college, donate to St. Judes, etc. We encouraged them to dream big, and then we emphasize how we need a plan to accomplish these goals. Plans help guide you through the process of achieving your goals. Without a plan, your journey to success could be confusing or blurry.

When we move on from goal setting to making a plan, students start to lose focus and get less excited. Planning in general can be less exciting because it requires more critical thinking skills to better predict what is attainable. With our students, they aren’t too swoon over calculating projected revenues and expenses because they start to realize that they need to sell a lot to meet that $500 goal. They may begin to feel a little discouraged, which is a feeling that can be uncomfortable and disheartening to witness. I’m sure from our own personal experiences during planning, we have felt pessimistic about our goals realizing that these seemingly extraordinary goals may be impossible to complete.

However, it is important to reflect back upon the energy that you had while setting goals and dreaming big. I’m sure there was a feeling of adrenaline when imagining what it would be like to actually achieve success through those goals. We need to focus on channeling that energy into your planning process and to be optimistic. We need to constantly refer back to these goals to serve as motivation to power through planning. Planning can be overwhelming and stressful, but as long as you focus on the bigger picture and your big dream, then it will all be worth it.


Joan Kim - VP of Membership


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