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We worked with Benning Terrace Reach housing development to implement Lemonade Day with some of their youth. The first day we arrived, we had to corral a group of youth who live in this housing development, that were outside riding bikes, to join the program. Once the 5 boys and 1 girl finished lemon-nae naeing with us, we went inside for the 2 part 90 minute lesson. They all presented their ideas, alongside their George Washington University mentor, to the larger group and we were off to a great start.

When we returned for the final lesson, only 1 youth was there. The coordinator had disconnected phone numbers for the other youth so sent the one attendee door to door to get the others to return. We ended up with 3 additional youth and they compromised on the final arrangements.

The Benning Terrace Reach staff took the youth budgets and purchased their materials with the financial support from the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative.

On Lemonade Day, the Benning Terrace Reach office staff took the 4 youth, who committed to setting up their business, in the pouring rain to the local Safeway. The boys had on their Lemonade Day DC swag and had enough enthusiasm to earn over $250.

The staff said just watching the boys greet customers, introduce their project, and provide warm customer service provided them with great validation for their investment in the Lemonade Day program.

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