Set a Goal!

In the song “If I Dream,” from the album Glamazon, RuPaul says “If you just believe in your wildest dreams, they will come true.” This begs the questions: What does this look like in our everyday lives? How do we achieve our wildest dreams? Oprah Winfrey has long used her platform to answer these questions. In a clip from Oprah’s Lifeclass, she asks, “Do you believe that you are worthy of happiness? Do you believe that happiness, success, abundance, comfort, fulfillment, peace, joy, love, is apart of your birthright? [...] You will manifest the life that you believe.” Our team here at Lemonade Day DC has taken this concept of manifestation, and put it into practice!  

What is manifestation? Dr. Wayne Dyer discussed this on an episode of Supersoul Sunday, saying, “By placing into your imagination what you want and assuming the feeling of that wish as already fulfilled, you go through your life feeling that.” In other words, Manifestation is the process of believing in yourself and what you desire to accomplish. Here at Lemonade Day DC, we value creating meaningful relationships within our community, both at The George Washington University, and in the city of Washington, DC. This year, these community relationships have been the main goal for External Relations. In making this goal, we wanted to truly believe that we were worthy and able to achieve this.

Recently, Lemonade Day DC hosted a business plan workshop, where students from Higher Achievement learned about creating business plans. They had the opportunity to pitch plans for a lemonade stand, to their leaders and other community members. Going into this event, we recognized that this would be a perfect event to team up wit local community leaders. This goal seemed lofty at first. However, we had resources that would make this achievable! We looked for GW alumni that had started businesses and done everything that we teach. In the end, we built a partnership with Berg Bites, a health food company, started by Daniel Berg.  Keeping an open mindset and imagining success was vital in creating this partnership. This could not have happened had we not believed in our ability to achieve our goals.

The idea of manifesting our goals may seem completely foreign (maybe even crazy). We often create goals without thinking of ourselves. We must believe in our ability to accomplish the goals we create. Keeping this in mind as we work towards our goals, is the key to manifestation and achievement. Whether we desire to build a successful lemonade stand, get an A on a test, or have the perfect relationship, we must believe in ourselves. Constantly imagining this achievement is key to making goals. By creating and manifesting our goals, our “wildest dreams” might just come true!


Nate Weavill - VP of External Relations

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