Work the Plan

I’ve never opened a Lemonade Stand on my own, even as a little kid. It was one of those things that I had always seen on TV or heard about, but I had  never actually done myself. I was never given the opportunity because I lived in an area that was not very busy, and there were not too many kids around my community. Up until this day, I never realized how much work went into setting up a lemonade stand. Being a part of Lemonade Day DC has left an impacting impression on me! I thought it was super simple, just put some water and lemons together, and bam!  you have lemonade! But being a part of Lemonade Day has really shown me what it takes to run a lemonade stand. It amazes me to see how much effort is put in on both sides, whether it’s finding the funds for the startup or coming up with a recipe for the perfect lemonade.

An important aspect of setting up a lemonade stand, but also many parts of life, is that having a plan is the key to success! It’s hard to go into something that one is passionate about with uncertainty about the future. Having a plan helps set targets and goals, but most importantly, you must follow the plan in order for things to work out. Of course, obstacles can be thrown and issues can arise, but knowing the end goal and target is a huge aspect!

Here at Lemonade Day DC, we have our own plan to implement. We work with various independent and mentored programs around the wards of the city to make Lemonade Day a success. As a member of the Technology committee, one aspect of working the plan we have focused on this year is staying organized. Our committee works diligently to keep everything organized and to have an idea on what to do if any tech issues arise. We have become like the “geek squad” of Lemonade Day. This year we have also focused on developing and improving the Lemonade Day National website. We wanted to make it so that it was easier and more efficient for young entrepreneurs to sign up for a stand location. In order to do this, we work closely with various committees to figure out logistics and where stands can be set up and located. The website is still being worked out but it is our own way of “working the plan.” Stay tuned for more details!

- Emily and Sara Ngo (Technology Committee)


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