Featured Entrepreneur - Meet Lemonade for Hope!

My sister and I started doing Lemonade Day because my older sister did it before us. We wanted to raise money for the Hope House Homeless Shelter and Addiction Recovery Center because there are so many people in our town that struggle with addiction. Our older sister had a stand for 3 years and ow we have had our stand for 3 years! All of the money we have raised on Lemonade Day for the past 3 years has gone to the Hope House. We feel like even though we are very small, we can try and help with a BIG problem in our town.

Our slogan was Lemonade for Hope. We advertised in our church bulletin and we made signs. We very carefully set our hours to go along with the three church services so that we could reach the most people. We opened at 7:30 a.m., which was very cold and very early, and we had to wear our winter coats and hats under our Lemonade Day shirts and hats! We stayed open until 1:30 p.m. In 6 hours we were able to raise $799.92. We spent $23.16 on supplies. So, we have $776.76 to give to the Hope House this year! Yeah!

We didn’t have to spend much money on our supplies because we looked for extra cups at events (and asked if we can have them), we reused the back sides of poster board for our new signs, we used a stand that was my sister’s, and we tried to find ways to use things we already had at our house (like a piece of material that we used to cover our stand this year.) We picked a location outside of our church which people could see well and get to easily. Many of the people in our church are older, so we wanted to choose a place that was easy for them to get to.

I feel like our hard work paid off. We had a long day because we had to leave our house at 6:30 a.m. so that we could drive everything to church, put up our stand, decorate it, and make our lemonade. Even though we are giving our money away, we did learn a lot about business. My dad talked to us about non-profit businesses, and how important they are, so we feel like we were able to run a very good non-profit business today. The information that we got from the library when we signed up helped us a lot, and we liked the computer stuff we were able to do on Lemonopolis. We got some good ideas.

Thank you for making this opportunity possible for us!

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