Featured Entrepreneur - Meet Brianna!

When life hands you lemons – make lemonade. That’s exactly what Brianna Nichols of Inwood, West Virginia did with her Lemonade Day stand in 2016. Brianna, 8-years-old, was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis (JA) after six months of consistent pain in her knees and shoulders. During the fall of her 2014 school year, Brianna’s parents made the decision to homeschool her to manage her constant pain. While her condition is under control with medication and specialized exercise, there are many days where she struggles to remain positive.

Despite her condition, Brianna is active in a local 4H group to keep in touch with friends her age. She recognized this as the perfect opportunity to pair her lemonade stand with a local bake sale for the 4H group, which was held at a local Tractor Supply in Martinsburg.

Brianna’s lemonade recipe included lemon juice, simple syrup, and water. Brianna and her mom worked together to create the simple syrup at home. Brianna also decided to sell limeade so that her stand would have two available options for customers.  Her recipe was very popular, earning her $125 which she donated to the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation after repaying her loan for the lemonade supplies.

Staying true to tradition, Brianna made a poster using paper and colored pencils with “Lemonade Stand” printed on them, as well as the two available options she was selling for 50 cents each. Brianna learned a lot about entrepreneurship, but also teamwork and friendship, through her experience. 

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