Meet Emma and Avery West

This was our second year to have a stand on Lemonade Day. We wanted to do it again this year so we could use the lessons we learned last year to improve our business. This year our stand was called Wild West Lemonade,since our last name is West. We chose an Old West Saloon theme for our stand. It was very cool! Our stand had saloon doors, a big bar, and hay bales all around. Our dad and our Uncle Chris helped us by building the saloon doors. We were able to borrow the doors from a friend, the nice bar from the Cattle Baron’s Ball, and the hay from our dad’s friend who lives on a farm. When customers came to our stand, we told them they had to come through the saloon doors for the full experience. We had a lot of compliments on our saloon doors.To advertise our stand, we videoed a 1-minute skit that our parents posted on Facebook and YouTube. In our skit,we were in a saloon serving a thirsty cowboy. The cowboy came in and said “he was as tired as a tumbleweed in a West Texas sandstorm”. We told him about our Wild West Lemonade and our house special called a John Wayne, which is cherry lemonade. At the end of the skit, we told the viewers where and when to find us on Lemonade Day.

The video got 152 likes and many people shared it on their Facebook pages. We learned how to use hashtags lastyear so we used those again this year. We used #WildWestLemonade, #LemonadeDayWF, #LemonadeDay, and #MoreLikeFamily. Many customers mentioned our video when they bought our lemonade. Lots of them wanted to try the John Wayne. We were very busy all morning and asked all our customers to take pictures and post them on Facebook so we could get even more customers. We opened our stand at 9am, and closed up at 1pm. We sold WildWest Lemonade for $1.00 per cup, and John Wayne Lemonade (cherry lemonade) for $2.00 per cup, which was
the flavor we sold the most of. We kept a boot on each end of the bar for tips, and that’s where we made most of

our money.

We got a business loan of $100 from Union Square Credit Union. They charged us 1% interest or $1.00 on ourloan. We used the loan to buy wood for the saloon doors, lemonade mix, cups, water, and maraschino cherries. We borrowed or already had everything else we needed for our stand. All of our supplies cost a total of $100.80. We learned from last year not to buy too many supplies unless they could be returned. That was a good lesson learned because this year, we were able to return $29.04 for unopened water and lemonade mix. When we counted our revenue, we had $595.00. We gave $50.00 to the Humane Society becausea lot of animals need food, shelter, and medicine. After paying back our loan, we have $444.00 to split from our business. We feel confident that we can open up a great business
someday when we are adults. We know we should save our money for college so we can learn more about business before we open ours.

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