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Simply put, Lemonade Day is about providing kids of all ages the opportunity to EXPERIENCE entrepreneurship by planning, starting, owning, and operating their own business:  a lemonade stand!


Steps to becoming a Lemonade Day Superstar:

  • Step 1: Find a Mentor so they can help you through the rest of the steps.
  • Step 2: Check the map below and go to your city‘s website to register for Lemonade Day.
  • Step 3: Ask your mentor to watch for an email about when/where to pick up your backpack and materials.
  • Step 4: Begin your Lemonade Day Entrepreneur Workbook at least a month before Lemonade Day. Be sure to ask your mentor for help along the way!
  • Step 5: Participate in one or more of your city’s workshops, contests or other events.
  • Step 6: Have your mentor check their email and check out your city’s website for more tips, information and resources.
  • Step 7: Make a grocery run for all your ingredients and supplies.
  • Step 8:  Make some healthy, delicious lemonade and set up your stand on Lemonade Day! (Check your city’s date on the website–they aren’t all the same).
  • Step 9:  After Lemonade Day, go back to your city’s website to share your results with us by filling out the Business Results Form.
  • Step 10: Come back and Share your Story with us and look for any contests going on in your city.
  • Step 11: Enjoy your new status: YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR!

Don’t forget to shop the LEMONADE DAY STORE!


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Come back after Lemonade Day and


We want to hear all about your experience!