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Through the planning and execution of a Lemonade Stand Business, the Lemonade Day curriculum is designed to walk students from the early steps of learning to set goal, through developing a plan for that goal, introducing business terms, creating a budget and learning about investing to the execution of a plan, speaking in the community, and earning, saving, spending and sharing their reward – the profits gained from their business.

Students gain experience in: Leadership; Teamwork; Financial Literacy; Resourcefulness; Problem Solving; Resilience; and more life skills.

The Lemonade Day program engages students in a fun and meaningful activity; parents as supporters, partners, educators and lemonade customers; and the community as investors or suppliers of donated materials, as guest speakers and subject matter experts and lemonade customers!

The Benefits of Lemonade Day in the Classroom

  • Easy for teachers; our new Teacher’s Guide provides tools, lessons and resource

  • Experiential, project-based learning for kids

  • TEKS-based curriculum satisfies over 30 teaching requirements across mathematics, social studies, reading, writing and speaking

  • Scalable from a 1 day project to a 3 week long learning unit

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Here are just a few of our partners!

“Lemonade Day is changing the trajectory of our country one lemonade stand at a time. Having strategic national partners like you is critical to take Lemonade Day to scale, impacting at least 1 million youth with the life-changing experience of starting, owning and operating their very own business – a lemonade stand.”