Deming Luna Activities

Sweet Spot Locations

A Sweet Spot location provides young entrepreneurs with a safe space to work and a great place to set up their lemonade stand!
Children are responsible for connecting with locations for permission to set up their lemonade stand at whichever location they choose.

Judging within City Limits

Brand Your Stand 2023

Get your stand on our location map

Location, location, location matters!

An important part of a successful business is location. The location of your lemonade stand might mean the difference between falling short, or exceeding your goals.
Follow these simple steps to identify your location and Brand Your Stand:

Step 1: Brainstorm - Think about the following characteristics of a good location. Take a field trip around your community (or close your eyes and imagine your community) to scout possible locations and discuss the pros and cons of each one with your mentor. Make sure it's a safe place, imagine a location with lots of thirsty people. 

Step 2: Ask Permission - Once you have identified where you want to set up your stand, you must ask for permission. We encourage the student to be the one who asks. Each backpack has a pre-written letter inlcuded which the young entrepreneur can hand a business owner requesting permission. This is a very important part of the process. Keep in mind the County of Luna has pre-approved the Luna County Courthouse Park for lemonade stands on May 13, 2023, permission has already been granted.

Step 3: Brand your stand on our map. Click here for the link
Keep in mind contest judging will take place within City Limits only.

Upcycle today, for a lemonade stand tomorrow!

Help Save Mother Earth

For pick up information contact:

(575) 343-6744 for Homegrown Market or (575) 544-8330 Cody Davis at Solitaire

Why? Upcycling reduces the strain on valuable resources such as fuel, forests and water supplies – and helps safeguard wildlife habitats. Upcycling reduces air and water pollution.

Here are a few suggestions on how we can be kinder to our planet this Lemonade Season:

  • Use electronic communications and social media platforms as much as possible for promoting your business
  • Create banners that can be used in future years
  • Use paper cups, paper straws and paper napkins for consumables for serving customers
  • Offer special pricing to lemonade buyers who bring their own containers
  • Use fabric, paper or heavy-duty reusable plastic tablecloths
  • Purchase tables and chairs from resale shops or borrow them from friends or family members

Sign Painting Workshop

Play Sharity has some exciting news! For the second year in a row, they will be offering sign painting for registered Lemonade Day participants.

Create eye-catching signs – To attract large crowds, consider making a variety of signs listing out your products in bright, bold colors. If you’ve chosen a theme, make sure your signs match your theme. Potential customers will appreciate your creativity and attention to detail.

All supplies are provided. Come out and join the fun and see what Play Sharity has to offer while you’re there. You’re gonna love it!

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Brand Your Stand in Print

Newspaper Ads

Your local newspaper The Deming Headlight wants to help you get more visitors to your lemonade stand on May 13th!

Give them a call for details at (575) 546-2611, or stop by 208 S. Gold Ave., Deming NM

This program is for registered Lemonade Day participants only.

#marketingstrategy #lemonadestand #YouthEntrepreneurship #creativity

Experimental Mixing Workshop April 20, 2023

Sample Night Fun

Join us for the second annual Lemonade Day Sample Night hosted by Lescombes Winery, Deming Luna County Economic Development, and Copper Kettle Coffee! 

As Lemonade Day Partners, this is a free event where kids can test different products and flavors in their lemonades to come up with a truly innovative lemonade!  Kiddos K-5th, please register with DLCED 

April 20, 2023, 5:30-7:00 PM

2023 Micro Loans with First New Mexico Bank

Get your first loan!

They come to buy your lemonade, but how will you have enough quarters, nickels and dollars to make change?
Go see Teresa Sanchez at First New Mexico Bank and trade in your big dollars for small change.... or ask about a $30 Micro-Loan to help buy supplies or build your stand!

April 3, 2023 through May 8, 2023
During standard business hours
Location: 300 S. Gold Ave., Deming NM

2023 Deming Luna Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest ~ Locally Presented by First Savings Bank & Deming Public Schools



Enter to win National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year by turning in your Business Results! Every city will choose a local winner and every local winner will advance to the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest.

After you have participated in Lemonade Day, submit your business results and story to be entered into the contest. You might win a bike and be flown to Houston, TX to compete as the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year!