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Best of the Zest Pitch Competition

Lexington, South Carolina

Do you have what it takes to be the Best of the Zest? Think Shark Tank!

Kick-Off Party

Gibson Park, Lexington, SC , 3/28/24
4:00 PM

Join us as we kick off our 2024 Lemonade Day Lexington season! Each child who is already registered will receive a Welcome Packet that includes all printed material needed for this season as well as a Welcome Swag bag! This is also a great time to come ask questions and register your child in person. 

Loan Day 2024

Lexington, South Carolina , 4/9/24
2:00 PM

Loan Day for Lemonade Day Lexington at First Community Bank is an exciting opportunity for young entrepreneurs to take their lemonade stand dreams to the next level. Held in partnership with First Community Bank, this event provides budding business owners with the chance to secure financial support to kickstart their lemonade ventures.

On Loan Day, participants receive loans to fund their lemonade stand operations, helping them cover expenses such as ingredients, equipment, and marketing materials.

Loan Day is not only a platform for securing financial support but also a valuable learning experience for young entrepreneurs. Participants receive feedback and guidance from the investors, empowering them to refine their business strategies and develop essential skills for future endeavors.

Professional Headshot Day

Gibson Park, Lexington, SC , 4/23/24
3:00 PM

Headshot Day for Lemonade Day Lexington with Free Talk Media (, led by Eric Houser, is an exceptional opportunity for young entrepreneurs to elevate their lemonade stand businesses with professional imagery. Hosted in collaboration with Free Talk Media, this event offers participants the chance to capture high-quality headshots for their marketing materials and promotional items.

On Headshot Day, participants gather at Gibson Park where Eric is ready to provide their expertise in photography. Each aspiring entrepreneur is invited to step into the spotlight and have their professional headshot taken, ensuring that their business image reflects professionalism and confidence.

These headshots serve as invaluable assets for Lemonade Day Lexington participants, enhancing their brand identity and helping them stand out in the marketplace. Whether it's for flyers, social media profiles, or signage, having professional photographs elevates the overall presentation of their lemonade stand business.

Eric Houser and his team understand the importance of capturing the essence of each young entrepreneur's vision. They work closely with participants to ensure that their personalities and aspirations shine through in every photograph, creating compelling images that resonate with customers and supporters alike.

Headshot Day isn't just about taking pictures; it's about empowering young entrepreneurs to present themselves and their businesses with professionalism and confidence. By partnering with Free Talk Media and Eric Houser, Lemonade Day Lexington provides participants with the tools they need to succeed not only on Lemonade Day but in their future entrepreneurial endeavors as well.

Lemonade Day Lexington

Lexington, South Carolina , 5/4/24
9:00 AM

Lemonade Day Lexington is coming soon! Make sure you are following our Social Media channels for more information!