Rockwall Area Activities

Lemonade Day - Contests!!

Sign up today to be the Best of the Zest!!!

This year, we will be hosting three contests! Yay! 

We will be hosting a Best Tasting Lemonade Contest, Best Lemonade Stand Contest, and Entrepreneur of the year! Both the Best Tasting, and Best Stand are optional, but we encourage you to sign up! 

Everyone is able to participate in the Entrepreneur of the Year contest by submitting their business results to Nationals after Lemonade Day concludes. We will receive the winner from Nationals before our Lemonpalooza event, and plan to announce all three winners that evening! 

To sign up, please select the link below!!

Rockwall Area Sweet Spot Sign Ups

Find your perfect spot!

This year, The Rockwall Area will have pre-approved Sweet Spot locations throughout the community that YOU get to pick on your own!! We will have stand locations in Rockwall, Heath, McClendon-Chisholm, and Fate! 

  1. Click the button below to access the SignUp Genius form. 

  2. After selecting your location, please provide your Mentor/Parent Name and Email, Participant Name, and Stand Name.

  3. Once a location is chosen, it will be automatically removed from the Sweet Spot options.

Rockwall Area Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest


Participate in the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Contest! After you have completed Lemonade Day, submit your business results and story to be entered into the contest. The winner in Rockwall Area will go on to compete for the National Youth Entrepreneur of the Year award! 

Thank you, Gabbie Corletto for sponsoring our Entrepreneur of the Year contest! 

 Thank you, Gabbie Corletto for sponsoring our Entrepreneur of the Year Contest!