Stillwater Events

Bank & Taste Test Day

Stillwater Chamber of Commerce , 4/22/23
10:00 AM

Join us at the Chamber of Commerce to learn about becoming an entrepreneur. There will be a presentation from our sponsors that will help the participants create a business plan. Following the presentation participants can have their lemonade recipes tasted by a group of local judges for a chance to win a ribbon to go on their lemonade stand during lemonade day. The judging categories are best tasting, best presentation and most unique. 

Lemonade Day

Stillwater , 5/6/23
10:00 AM

This ALL DAY event will be the pinnacle of all of the excitement! Take the time to go around Stillwater, OK and try out all of the lemonade! We will be sharing the stand locations on our Facebook page, Stillwater Chamber of Commerce! Go give us a follow to stay updated on all updates concerning Lemonade Day! To see where all the stands are located, check out the map on our main page.