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Washtenaw County Lemonade Day

Various Lemonade Stands throughout the County , 6/22/19
7:00 AM

Washtenaw County's very FIRST Lemonade Day event is June 22, 2019! If your child or youth group wants to participate in this exciting county-wide event register today!

Note: Registration is required in order to receive workbooks, backpack, and eligibility for contest. 

1st Annual Washtenaw County Lemonade Day

Washtenaw County , 6/22/19
9:00 AM

Looking for a refreshing way to kick off summer?

Join us June 22, 2019 in Washtenaw County as we celebrate youth entrepreneurship with the official return of the globally recognized program, Lemonade Day, to Michigan.

Lemonade Day (presented by DCU Next Generation and other local sponsors) is cultivating youth into becoming the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens of tomorrow;

and after much diligent planning and preparation our young entrepreneurs will set up their businesses-lemonade stands, at various locations throughout Washtenaw County (spotlighted on our website under Stand Locations).

By purchasing a fresh cup (or 2) of mouthwatering lemonade you are not only showing your support for the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs but you're also galvanizing county-wide excitement for more youth business and financial literacy initiatives.

So kick off your summer with a delicious cup of lemonade and take satisfaction in knowing you are encouraging the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

FYI: Lemonade Day Entrepreneurs keep 100% of their profits so every purchase makes a huge impact.

Banzai Financial Literacy Courses

Financial Literacy Month!

, 4/1/20
1:05 PM

Having a solid foundation in finances is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur and building a thriving business. This is why DCU Next Generation has partnered with Banzai to allow 2020 Lemonade Day Washtenaw County entrepreneurs access to the Junior and Teen online financial literacy courses! 

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign Up and Select: I AM A Student
  3. Fill Out Registration Form
  4. Enter Class Code: CYLMIP

We're extremely excited to hear what you all think about this award-winning program! 

Happy Financial Literacy Month!

Lemonade Day 2020

Washtenaw County , 6/27/20
8:00 AM