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My Lemonade Day App

The My Lemonade Day app is a new and exciting digital experience that will walk kids through the steps necessary to start their lemonade stand. Similar to the Lemonopolis digital program, kids will follow along through the 4 modules to learn how to set a goal, make a plan, work the plan and ultimately achieve success. Along the way they will enjoy a fun, new, gamified experience complete with animated videos, activities, slideshows and more. Stay tuned for more information on registration for the new app and the kick off to our 2022 season.

Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

Online Contest

Participate in this year's Entrepreneur of the Year contest! After you have completed Lemonade Day, submit your business results and story to be entered into the contest. The winner in Lubbock will go on to compete for the National Entrepreneur of the Year award!  

Texas Tech University & United have sweetened this contest by awarding $500 scholarships to the top 6 finalists and a $1,000 scholarship for the Lubbock Entrepreneur of the Year!  Check back to apply for 2022!

Loan & Lease Forms

Investor: a person who lends money in order to earn a financial return
Loan: a thing that is borrowed, especially a sum of money that is expected to be paid back with interest
Interest: a charge for borrowed money, generally a percentage of the amount borrowed

Click here to download the following forms and other resources:

Loan Agreement

Lease Agreement

Click to watch our video about investors!