One Million Young Entrepreneurs Need One Million Mentors

Lemonade Day doesn’t pair mentors and children. Rather, we inspire people to step up and DO SOMETHING by leading a child already in their lives through the steps of starting, owning and operating their very own business – a lemonade stand! Then we come alongside and provide the tools, encouragement, and support they need to have a great mentoring experience.

NEW in 2019!

Lemonade Day has launched a new mobile app for Mentors! The new Mentor app is a way to communicate, share photos and even ask questions will fellow mentors about all things Lemonade Day. National and Local updates will be posted and helpful reminders can be sent through notifications with important information about the upcoming events and activities. Download the Lemonade Day Mentor app in the app store or android today and connect with all the Lemonheads!


Use the resources below to start leading your your youth participants through the Lemonade Day process and teaching them invaluable life skills!

92% of 2019 mentors felt their youth showed improvement in their communication skills.