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Our mission is to help today’s youth become the business leaders, social advocates, community volunteers and forward-thinking citizens of lemonade stand at a time!


Registration is open through August 19, 2022 and 2022 Material Backpacks available for pick up at the Chamber of Commerce, Public Library, or Community Center. (while supplies last) I’M A…

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Lemonade Day McMinnville is working to empower today's youth to become tomorrow's entrepreneurs!

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22' BEST OF THE ZEST - application CLOSED July 11, 2022

Material backpacks - we have a limited supply left - swing by the Chamber office, McMinnville Public Library or McMinnville Community Center to get yours. (while supplies last)

Kids... DONT' FORGET TO BRAND YOUR STAND - you're encouraged to tell us where you will be located so that we can come visit you on Lemonade Day! We want to try your lemonade. You can go HERE and tell us where your stand will be located.

Youth entrepreneurs can do a variation of things to participate in Lemonade Day McMinnville. Program organizers are continually working with Yamhill County Health officials to ensure participants are provided information on State and County health mandated guidelines for food service and other health mandates. The safety of our community and its citizens is taken very seriously and is important to us. We are extremely sensitive to the fact that everything regarding Lemonade Day must factor in health and safety protocols that include social distancing and sanitation.

Read up on the current health code facts. 

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We’re so thankful for the overwhelming support in the McMinnville community. We appreciate your contributions toward the success of our youth!

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Experience Lemonade Day for yourself - Host a Stand or Visit a Stand!

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On Lemonade Day you are encouraged to locate a Lemonade Stand and support the youth. 

Lemonade Day is August 20


Registration is open through August 19, 2022. Youth can enroll online or youth can visit the McMinnville Chamber of Commerce.

Lemonade Day Material Backpacks are available at the Chamber office, McMinnville Public Library and McMinnville Community Center (while supplies last)

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We've hosted several material backpack pick up events this summer. If you ... HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO MAKE IT TO A SIGN UP EVENT?

Lemonade Day Material Backpacks are also available at the Chamber office, McMinnville Public Library, and McMinnville Community Center (while supplies last)

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