Be a Mentor!


Lemonade Day is not just a day for kids to sell lemonade.  It is an entire program designed to teach kids how to become entrepreneurs. Because it is an experiential way to learn, we need dedicated mentors to go through the curriculum with a child or group of children. We provide a free curriculum (an entrepreneur guide and mentor guide) and host fun workshops to help mentors guide a child through the lessons of starting, owning, and operating their very own business – a lemonade stand!

Who are the best mentors?  Anyone willing to invest approximately 10 hours to work with a child or small group of budding entrepreneurs to cover the Lemonade Day Steps to Success.  These 10 hours are done at mentor’s own pace and are divided however they see fit to cover the steps of the curriculum.

See the steps to success and the Lemonade Day lessons

Mentors are parents, youth organization leaders, teachers, employees, high school or college students; just about anyone can inspire a child to build a stand, spark a dream!


Use the resources below to start leading your your youth participants through the Lemonade Day process and teaching them invaluable life skills!

92% of mentors felt their youth showed improvement in their communication skills.