We depend on volunteers!

The success of Lemonade Day relies on members of all communities coming together for one purpose - to train the next generation of entrepreneurs, civic leaders and engaged citizens. 

Please help us impact the youth in our communities!

Everyone is welcome to be involved with Northern Alberta Lemonade Day.  The organizing committee is looking for sponsors, mentors, judges and volunteers to make Lemonade Day a success. Lemonade Day entrepreneurs, the kids in our communities, will be looking for investors, business locations to setup their stands and customers to support their first business.

Lemonade Day will take place in a large number of communities, if you are located in any of the participating communities and you are willing to Volunteer for this amazing day, we want to hear from you!  Become a volunteer by filling out the form below.

A full list of communities participating in Northern Alberta Lemonade Day can be found on our Mentor Page.


  • Stuff backpacks
  • Judge contests
  • Spread the news about Lemonade Day by distributing materials to local schools, clubs or youth organizations
  • Put up posters and hand out promotional materials
  • Find Sponsorship opportunities
  • Are you a photographer or videographer?
  • Do you blog? Tweet? Instagram? Are you on Facebook? Help us spread the word about Lemonade Day online!

On average 66% of Lemonade Day participants shared a portion of their profit with a local charity.